Evolutionary astrology: Practical text- and handbook

by Ulrich Bold



A fascinating astrology book for beginners, advanced and even professional astrologers!




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This book introduces you to a breath-taking astrological technique called "Evolutionary Astrology", which is just as simple as it is amazingly efficient. Whether you are a beginner in astrology, advanced, or even a professional astrologer wanting to take a fresh look at astrology or at your birth chart, Evolutionary Astrology is for all those interested in voyaging into a deeper understanding of the Soul's Purpose.

Evolutionary Astrology focuses on the Soul's evolution and its core dynamics for one's current life relative to the abilities, potential, fears, etc. that are based on the expriences of previous lifetimes. Embrace a holistic and deep understanding of your current life by learning about Evolutionary Astrology.

This book provides insights into "who you are" and "why you are the way you are", and it offers individual orientations for your daily life as well as solutions for your problems to support your further evolution and growth. Beginners will be introduced to the levels of a birth chart and shown how to build meaningful sentences while at the same time learning the depth of astrological keywords. Ulrich Bold takes you here in a lighthearted and profound way on an exciting journey into an astrological virtousity that will definitely enrich your abilities and expand your points of view:
- Introduction to the three levels of a horoscope:
- signs,planets and houses
- Combination of meaningful sentences
- Journey through the Zodiac:
- Archetypes of the signs, the planets and the houses from a natural and modern point of view
- Cultural Correlations of the signs - Retrograde planets and their meaning from an evolutionary point of view
- Steps of Chart Analysis with Evolutionary Astrology
- How to examine past life dynamics in the natal horoscope
- How to interpret them supporting individual orientation in the current life
- Practical excerises and examples